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The blanket that made itself, almost!

I have loved this project from the start.
Look at all those gorgeous squares, those pretty colours...
Do they make you feel as happy as they make me?

I've had this on the creative to do list for a while.  Inspired by this gorgeous cushion by Tipsy Tessie.  (Which is a gorgeous account and well worth following by the way.)

It's been an especially nice project too because I feel like I've hardly worked on it at all and yet somehow, a blanket has appeared.  I'm not sure how that is possible, maybe just because I enjoyed making those squares so much.  But after testing things out by making a few and then settling on the final colours, I decided to get all those pretty little centre rounds, or flowers, as I prefer to think of them, all made up first.

It always reminds me slightly of a factory production line when sit I crank out so many of the same little shapes at once and then set them all out in neat orderly ranks of colour!  But a factory sounds like a rather grey and …

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